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Booking Fees

Please be advised that upon entering the Campbell County Detention Center, all person(s), except those the Department of Corrections and/or U.S. Marshal Service is financially responsible for housing at the time of booking, shall be charged a $30.00 Administrative Processing/Booking Fee.

If the inmate upon entering the Detention Center has any money on his person, that money will be applied toward the booking fee and any prior balance that may be on his account.

The booking fee(s) must be paid off completely before the inmate may have money on their account to order commissary. Please contact the administrative office to check an inmate's booking fee balance or to pay off the booking fee balance.

Per Day Rates 

Any inmate in the Campbell County Detention Center who is not a sentenced state inmate or a federal inmate, is charged $20 daily for their incarceration. 

**This does not apply to inmates who are in the work release program**

Paying CCDC Fees 

If you received a bill from the Campbell County Detention Center and would like to use your credit card to make the payment, please call 888-604-7888 (toll free), 24-hours a day. All major credit cards are accepted. GPS will require a pay location code.  This code is: 2313.