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If you have an interest in a career in corrections and are actively looking for employment, an application is available by clicking on the following link - 

Applications can be returned by mail to 601 Central Ave. Newport, KY 41071, by fax to 859-431-5147 or email to Cathy Steele at

Employment Application.pdf 

Deputy Jailer - Full Time - Starting Pay $17.50 per hour

This is a skilled position in a Detention Center. It is a sworn, law enforcement position with arrest powers.  However, the power of arrest is to be used only on Detention Center property.  An employee in this position is responsible for the supervision of inmates.  The Deputy Jailer will perform all tasks in a professional manner.  Work is performed under general to close supervision. 

Examples of Deputy Jailer Duties:

  • Be able to perform all tasks related to in and out processing of inmates
  • Arrange for the inmates to attend court
  • Supervise the general cleaning of the Detention Center
  • Supervise the distribution of inmate meals
  • Specifically supervise the cleaning of inmate cells
  • Transport inmates to doctor, dentist, hospital or other appointments
  • Process work release inmates out and back in to the Detention Center
  • Search work release inmates and other inmates for contraband
  • Search cells periodically for contraband
  • Serve and file warrants
  • Use and monitor a two-way radio
  • Meet and deal effectively and courteously with the public
  • Process and account for money received for bonds, fines, etc.
  • Maintain daily logs and records as required
  • Culminate an arrest on Detention Center property when necessary
  • Write offense citations accurately
  • Mark and disperse evidence properly
  • Testify in court
  • Assist all law enforcement agencies in a cooperative manner
  • Be familiar with previous shift's activities and be able to pass-on information to on-coming shift personnel

Special Requirements for Deputy Jailers 

  • Must be a high school graduate or possess a GED
  • Must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age
  • Must be able to read and write the English language
  • Attend and successfully complete twenty-four (24) hours of Correctional Training per year
  • Must be bondable
  • Must possess motor vehicle operator's license
  • Must successfully complete a criminal, medical history, drug screen and employment background check
  • Must maintain a high level of physical fitness


Booking Specialist - Full Time - Starting Pay $15.00 per hour

Job Description

The Campbell County Detention Center is currently seeking full time booking specialists.
A booking specialist will work in the booking area of a county jail. They will be the first point of contact for newly arrested inmates.
This job has various shifts, but consist of an 12 hour work day with a rotating schedule.
Following are the major, though not all inclusive, duties of the position:
Input and update all inmate information into jail software
Speak one on one to newly arriving inmates and ask specific questions
Log and secure inmate property
Receive, verify and log any funds inmate arrives with
Scan documents into jail software
Input charge, bond and court information into software
Make copies of any needed documents
Notify other agencies of any vital information
File inmate paperwork
Process and perform release of inmates
Run various reports for areas of the jail
Assist the courts with needed paperwork
Answering phones after hours and in regards to the booking area
Any and all other duties or job tasks authorized by the Jailer or his designee

Investigator - Full Time - Salary Negotiable

Job Description

Job Summary: Technical police work in the investigation of criminal offenses occurring within the Campbell County Detention center, including but not limited to, crimes, property crimes, assaults, sexual assaults, pre-employment background, and other special investigations, as needed.
The list below is intended to describe the general content of the requirements of this job, including the essential functions. It is not construed as an exhaustive statement of duties, requirements or responsibilities.

Essential Functions: (Any one position may not include all the duties listed nor do the listed examples include all the tasks, which may be assigned).
  •  1. Participates in investigations of all types of crimes.  Collects and preserves information and evidence.  Conducts searches.  Maintains records of the investigations.
  •  2. Participates in gathering intelligence information.  Checks sources of information.  Checks truth and accuracy of statements.
  •  3. Prepares arrest affidavits.  Conducts arrests in accordance with prescribed policies.
  •  4. Makes initial contact with and interrogates victims, witnesses, suspects and others.  Takes statements.  Prepares for, attends and testifies in court.
  •  5. Obtains and prepares warrants.  Executes arrest and search warrants and serves subpoenas.
  •  6. Prepares written reports of complaints and investigations performed.  Maintains files of ongoing investigations.
  •  7. Conducts investigations on sexual assaults within the detention center in accordance with PREA.
  •  8. Conducts potential and pre-litigation investigations and reports.
  •  9. Analyze completed case reports, Extraordinary Incident reports (EIR) Extraordinary Offense reports (EOR) and to determine what additional information and investigative work is needed.
  •  10. Preserve, collect, process, and analyze items of evidence obtained from crime scenes and suspects, placing them in proper containers and maintain chain of custody. Maintain and manage the evidence room.
  •  11. Collaborate with outside agencies as needed or as directed.
  •  12. Performs all other investigations as directed by the Jailer. May assist other investigators.

Reporting /Inventory
  •  1. Maintains, prepares and submits all appropriate logs, reports, files and documentation to assigned area.
  •  2. Update inmate records through the jail management system as data originates and verifies the accuracy of computer records.

  •  1. Responsible for knowing and complying with the policies, rules and regulations pertaining to the Campbell County Detention Center.
  •  2. Perform all related duties as required.

Physical Demands and Working Conditions:
  •  1. Physical demands includes: standing, lifting, carrying, walking, bending, and effectively dealing with inmate altercations.
  •  2. Must have the strength and agility to perform job duties of medium exertion (i.e., 20-50 pounds of force) and including occasional very heavy exertion (i.e., exerting in excess of 100 pounds of force).
  •  3. Working conditions may include exposure to dangerous and or hazardous situations, continuous noises, bright lights, contagious diseases, humid surroundings, extreme hot or cold temperatures, dust and/ or odors.

Education, Training and Experience:
  •  1. KLEC / POPS certification
  •  2. A minimum of ten (10) years’ experience in law enforcement with at least five (5) years of investigation experience.
  •  3. Completion of high school or GED.
  •  4. Must possess and maintain CPR certification or be able to obtain certification.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Knowledge of Kentucky laws of arrest, search and seizure and evidence.  Knowledge of state and local law enforcement laws and statutes.  Knowledge of criminal procedures and case law.  Knowledge of and ability to demonstrate firearms' safety procedures.  Ability to present cases in court.  Ability to demonstrate ethical and professional behavior.  Ability to analyze information or circumstances.  Ability to solve problems.  Ability to recall facts or information.  Ability to describe persons, things or events.  Ability to read and comprehend information.  Ability to deal with others with courtesy and communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.  Ability to prepare comprehensive written reports.  Ability to follow radio, intercom and telephone procedures.  Ability to apply listening comprehension skills.  Skill in taking notes.  Skill in diagraming a crime scene.  Skill in interviewing persons. Ability to proficiently use a computer and word document software.
Possess basic computer skills necessary to perform duties listed above.

Special Requirements:
  •  1. Must  be a United States citizen
  •  2. Must be at least 21 years of age
  •  3. Subject to shift work, extended duty hours, twenty-four hour call-back, holiday and weekend duty
  •  4. Must not have been convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor
  •  5. Subject to an extensive background check.
  •  6. Subject to random drug testing/alcohol testing and polygraph examination  at any time during employment
  •  7. Must possess a valid driver’s license

The intent of this position description is to provide a representative summary of the types of duties and responsibilities that will be required of classification given this title and shall not be construed as a declaration of the specific duties and responsibilities of any particular position. Employees may be required to perform job related tasks other than those specifically presented in the position description.

Part Time Road Crew Deputy - $16.40 per hour starting rate

Job Description 

In search of part time Deputy Jailers to assist inmates that are in work programs complete jobs within the facility and community.
Must be 21 years or older to apply.

Visitation Clerk - Full Time - $15.00 per hour starting rate

Job Description

A visitation clerk will work in the office located off the visitation room.  They will watch, schedule and control all visits between inmates and their visitors.  The job is a full time position working 8 hour days, Monday-Friday each week.

Following are the major, though not all inclusive duties of the position:

  • Schedule and assist with scheduling visits
  • Monitor all visits for any “non-permitted” behavior and cancel visits if necessary.
  • Check and verify the identity and age of all visitors
  • Assist as needed with the money and phone card machines in the lobby.
  • Log all visits into the jail management software.