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About the Jailer


January 31, 2013— Greg L. Buckler resigned from the elected office of Jailer, effective February 1, 2013.  Campbell County Judge/Executive Steve Pendery appointed James A. Daley to the office of Campbell County Jailer, effective February 1, 2013. Jailer Daley served the remainder of the unexpired term ending December 31, 2014. 

In making this appointment, Judge Pendery stated: “We are fortunate that someone who has participated in the management of the Campbell County Detention Center for over 15 years is willing to step into this role. Jim Daley is uniquely qualified to administer the Detention Center in a safe and effective manner. The Detention Center is a highly complex operation with an annual operating budget of $8 million, employing nearly 100 staff members, and housing over 500 inmates at all times.”

Jailer Daley ran for and was elected to the position of Jailer and took office January 1, 2015.

James A. Daley is a longtime resident of Campbell County with an extensive background in law enforcement and jail administration. He worked as Legal Advisor to the Campbell County Detention Center and had previously served as Chief Deputy and Interim Jailer. He also served as a Kentucky State Trooper and Director of the Northern Kentucky Drug Strike Force. Mr. Daley was Campbell County Attorney 2009-2010.

Jailer Daley served on the Kentucky Jailer's Association Board of Directors beginning in 2017 and was elected president  on October 14, 2020.


James Daley
James A. Daley, Campbell County Jailer