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Inmate Funds

We have switched from Swanson/Trinity Services to Victus Commissary.   Commissary orders will still be pulled on Monday and Thursday and delivered on Tuesday and Fridays (excluding Holidays).

Money can be placed on inmate accounts by using the cashier located in the visitation lobby, mailing in a money order made payable to the Campbell County Detention Center (with inmates name in the memo line) or online. 

To Deposit Online:

To Mail a Money Order to an Inmate

Beginning June 23, 2014, ALL money orders are to be made out to the Campbell County Detention Center. On the memo line, please write the inmate's name and DOB, social or jacket number. The money order will be added to the inmate's account and a receipt will be placed in the envelope to be delivered with the mail to show the inmate the money was received and added. Please remember, all booking fees MUST be paid off for money to be available for commissary.

Any money order received on or after July 14, 2014 that is made out to the inmate, will be returned to sender along with the original mail enclosed.

All money orders can only be received by U.S. mail, FedEx or UPS.  It is recommended for those purchasing the money orders that they maintain a copy of the money order along with their receipts for your records.

Any booking fees or charges due to destruction of jail property must be paid off to allow for commissary orders. 

Inmates who owe a debt will have 25% of each deposit go toward their debt.

Please make sure you have the following information available:

  • Inmate's first and last name
  • Inmate's ID number (this will not be given out over the phone by CCDC staff)
  • Your billing address and credit card information

Inmates are limited to a $100 worth of commissary in a revolving 7 day period.

To check an inmate's booking fee/destroyed jail property balance or to pay off the booking fee/destroyed jail property balance, please contact the administrative office.

Leaving Money for Commissary 

County inmates incarcerated in the Detention Center are charged a per day rate of $20. When deposits are made to an inmate account 25% of their deposit is transferred toward their debt balance.  Daily when a new per day rate is charged, 25% of available commissary balance will also go toward the inmate's debt.


Inmates who have no money for commissary but require hygiene products will be provided with an opportunity to request an Indigent Pak.  These are available twice monthly.  A charge will be applied to their account if an Indigent Pak is requested.


To place money on an inmate's account, a machine has been installed in the Campbell County Detention Center's main lobby.  This machine will allow funds to be placed on an inmate's account which then become immediately available for use.  Cash or credit cards are accepted by this machine.  Access to this machine is 24/7.  A $3.25 fee applies for use of the machine.


If an inmate orders commissary and is then transferred or released, orders will be held for 7 days from delivery date for pickup, after 7 days, the order will be destroyed.  Inmates that are transferred to another facility must inform a friend or a family member that the order needs to be picked up with a valid ID.

No refunds will be given on commissary orders not received or picked up.

Money on Accounts 

To place money on an inmate's account, you must put cash or debit/credit card into our Cashier machine in our lobby.  These funds will automatically be added to the inmate's account.  Money orders sent via the mail will be charged a $3.25 processing fee.