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Exodus Jail Visitation

The Exodus Jail Listening Program trains volunteers to offer understanding and hope to people that are incarcerated.  The program was designed to reduce the incidents of suicide in the jails.  Volunteer visits have also reduced the demand for clergy visits.  The primary goal of Exodus is to provide empathy through active listening skills and spiritual guidance to those incarcerated.  "Preaching" religious or treatment philosophy is against Exodus policy.

Two volunteers visit with one inmate at a time.  Volunteers stay for approximately two hours.  Visits on the average last about 20 minutes.

Volunteers do the following:

  • Listen
  • Log important comments regarding the visit in the jail's Exodus Log book
  • Offer hope and encouragement
  • Provide links to community resources and support upon release
  • Offer ministry if requested by the inmate and offered by the volunteer

The Exodus jail visitation program is highly regarded because of the professionalism, commitment and compassion that volunteers display.