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Work Release Program

Work release may be permitted for some sentenced inmates.  There are several steps involved in filling out the paperwork for release.

In order to speed up the application process, the inmate may select a friend or family member to hand deliver the paperwork from the jail to each of the required locations and then return it to the jail.

Work Release  

Paperwork for an inmate who has committed a felony offense must be filled out in the following order:

  1. Offender must complete and notarize his/her section.
  2. The inmate's employer must complete and notarize the employer section.
  3. The County Attorney must sign the application.
  4. The Jailer or his designee must sign the application for work release.
  5. The Circuit Court Judge must sign the application for work release.


Work release is not permitted for inmates who have not yet been sentenced.  (Some rare exceptions do occur.)