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MRT Program

Campbell County Detention Center


Moral Reconation Therapy


Basic Program Requirements

Must be a state inmate whom has received a classification level.

Must have a high school diploma/GED or be in the process of obtaining a GED.  Failure to complete the GED program is an automatic removal from the MRT Program.

Must have ample time to complete all program requirements.

Once enrolled into the MRT Program

All of our participants are expected to hold themselves accountable and be model representatives of the program.

Participants are required to follow ALL Department of Corrections, Campbell County Detention Center and MRT Rules.  Failure to do so can and will result in the removal from the program, as well as possible further disciplinary actions depending on the infraction.  We hold our MRT Participants to a higher standard, as they should hold themselves.

Moral Reconation Therapy 

MRT addresses beliefs and reasoning.  It is a systematic, step-by-step group counseling treatment approach for treatment resistant clients.   The program is designed to alter how clients think and make judgements about what is right and wrong.  The MRT system approaches the problem of treating resistant populations as a problem of low levels of moral reasoning.  In this case, "moral" does not refer to a religious concept, but rather the theoretical conceptualization of psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg.  After completion of MRT Program,  the Department of Corrections awards 90 days good time for program credit.


Campbell County Detention Center is operating off an in house waiting list.  If an individual from another facility is currently enrolled in the MRT Program, they MUST notify the program director immediately to avoid being out of the program more than 30 days.