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Home Incarceration Program

This program is coordinated with the County Attorney, the Kentucky Alternative Program and the Campbell County Detention center.

Eligible inmates are those who are sentenced county misdemeanors.  The court must approve their eligibility before the Detention Center will review their file.  Those inmates with violent charges such as domestic violence, assault or those with fleeing/evading charges are not eligible. 

The Program director reviews the inmate files and submits her recommendations to the County Attorney's office.  The Kentucky Alternative Program (KAP) is then contacted.


The Kentucky Alternative Program (KAP) monitors the inmates who are under home incarceration.  Inmates are tracked and monitored through a voice monitoring system that may call their home randomly throughout the day. 

Some inmates may be approved for work privileges as well and the voice monitoring system is set up to avoid calling their home when they are scheduled to be at work. 

Inmates suspected of violating the rules of home incarceration may be returned to the Detention Center.